Opie’s Carpentry Designs is composed of one man, me, Opie, who, for 20 years, has been dedicated to fine woodwork, finish carpentry and other facets of custom home improvement.

Whether it’s laying a wood floor, installing a new door, hanging crown molding in a room, or creating a custom built-in unit, I focus on assessing client needs and excel in designing, fabricating and installing personalized and creative solutions to suit their desires.

Although my focus is in finish woodwork (e.g., floors, doors, cabinetry, trim, stairs, built-in units, etc.), I can address other concerns including painting, handy work and many other general repairs. I do all the work myself, so you will be guaranteed the finest attention to detail and will only be dealing with one person on the job. I take great pride in providing a personalized quality service and product, so if you are looking for a thorough craftsman that addresses all your home improvement needs, then look no further.


As a practicing minimalist with a deep interest in efficiency, I have learned to organize and fine tune my possessions by methodically assessing their values, necessity, redundancy, and drain (ongoing time, cost, and energy).

In the process of building storage solutions for clients, I found myself offering the knowledge I have acquired over my lifetime to help them assess and sort their material possessions in useful, convenient, and cost effective ways that they never considered before, freeing them from the clutches of their own clutter.

I now offer my skills and services as a professional organizer to those who wish to downsize, appropriately store, efficiently organize, sell, donate, or otherwise handle their belongings, claim space in their lives, or simply free up the burden of unnecessary items. It is a natural supplement to the storage solutions, I provide through carpentry (e.g., building lofts, installing shelving, re-purposing cabinets, designing and finishing garage, attic, and basement spaces for use, etc). 


Give me a call for a free evaluation where i can customize an affordable proposal of what I can do for you today.